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End of lease Cleaning & Bond Cleaning Sydney

You’ve Found The Only
End Of Lease Cleaning Company in
Sydney That Offers A 100% Bond Back And
100% Money-Back Double Guarantee

End Of Lease Cleaning & Bond Cleaning Sydney

You’ve Found The Only
End Of Lease Cleaning Company in
Sydney That Offers A 100% Bond Back And
100% Money Back Double Guarantee

Warning !

Small Savings Made on Inferior Cleaning Services…
Could Cost You More Than A Couple of Dollars!

Why choose Gentle Giant for your end of lease cleaning? Have you heard the nightmare stories of tenants who don’t receive their bond back because the property didn’t pass the final inspection?

Unfortunately, I hear about these stories every day because I am (Gentle Giant) the person they call to clean the property properly. I am also the person who prevents the final inspection rejection for my clients.

Now, you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with you? Well, have you thought about who you are going to have do your “End of Lease Cleaning” for you? Are you thinking about doing it for yourself? If you are, then this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read!

When you clean a property yourself, there are a number of problems you will encounter.

It can take days to clean everything to inspection standard. And even when you think you’ve cleaned absolutely everything, the person doing the inspection can find something you have over looked… and your bond is instantly at risk.

The problem is, you don’t do end of lease cleans every day, but the property managers do the inspections just about every day. So they know exactly what they are looking for.

Another unexpected problem with cleaning your property yourself, is the cost of cleaning products and equipment. Also, many of the products you buy at the supermarket are wrong for the job.

Some leave messy films, streaks and stains that will jeopardise you getting your full bond back. How do I know? Because I see it all the time. Remember, I am the guy they call to come in and clean places properly.

But don’t worry too much! It also happens with “Professional Cleaners” too. I have lost count at how many times I have been called in to redo an “End of Lease” clean that wasn’t done right the first, second or third time. You’d think they would know what needs to be done… but for some reason they don’t.

It’s okay because the other cleaners offer a “do it again until it passes inspection” type guarantee, so you’re covered. But wouldn’t you just prefer to have it done right the first time?

Did you know there are 375 points you need to cover to ensure you get your full bond back? If you didn’t, don’t worry too much. Again, most professional cleaning companies don’t know either. With 30 years of doing this, we know exactly what the person doing the final inspection is looking for.

Maybe this is why we are the preferred Professional End of Lease Cleaning Company for the likes of Ray White, LJ Hooker, Belle Property, McGrath, Century 21, First National and many others in this area. They know when we do an End of Lease Clean, it is done right the first time.

Take The End Of Lease Cleaning Test.
Have A Look At The Picture Below
And See If You Pass!

“Looks Clean Doesn’t It?
Looks Can Be Deceiving and Costly!”

To the untrained eye, this home looks clean. But to the trained, critical eye of a Property Manager doing an End of Lease Inspection… this place could end up losing you some of your precious bond! Here at Gentle Giant we help every day Sydney-siders get their bond back, in full.

The old adage “good is good enough” does not ring true when it comes to getting your bond back. In fact, it could end up costing you a pile of money.

Recent studies found that only 53% of all tenants in NSW actually get their full bond returned to them.

It doesn’t matter if you think you’ve been a great tenant and paid your rent on time. There is no assurance you’ll get your bond returned in full.

NSW Rental Board statistics noted that in the 2014 – 2015 financial year, 9 percent of tenants lost their whole bond and a further 38 percent lost a part of it.

Using Cheap Cleaning Services or Not Cleaning Thoroughly Themselves Is The Top Cause For Not Getting Bond Back

Over 80% of End of Lease Inspections fail because of this reason alone.

Small details are over looked or done poorly. This always ends up costing the tenant dearly.

One time we were called in to do a re-clean because the ‘professional’ cleaner the tenant used forgot to clean the range hood.

Here at Gentle Giant we‘ve been in the cleaning industry for 20 years and have seen it all – from after builders clean up, office cleaning to water damage restoration.

Trying To Save A Couple Of Dollars Ends Up Costing An Absolute Fortune

The problem is they don’t do an End of Lease Clean every day, but the person doing the inspection does them almost every day. Sometimes multiple times. They know exactly what they are looking for.

“It Was Like It When I Got Here!”

Most renters have had the experience of moving into a place where there was something wrong when they moved in. Unless it was reported on the initial inspection (and taken date stamped photos), then to leave it the same way will turn out to be a costly decision.

The Cheapest Is Never The Best!

Every year we hear the horror stories of tenants who try to save money by using a cheap cleaning service and they end up paying dearly for it.

The problem is, some cleaning companies use untrained staff who go in and do the quickest job and try to use the least amount of cleaning products, so they can save the company money.

The worst part is, if you are relying on these cleaners to get your bond back, you may not get all of it back.

Should You Clean The Place Yourself?

It depends on if you are a professional cleaner or not. Although most people are used to doing domestic cleaning, this is not the type of cleaning required for an End of Lease Clean.

When our highly trained cleaners do an End of Lease Cleaning, there are 375 points that need to be covered to ensure a person gets their full bond back.

All our cleaners are trained for a full 6 months and they have all their End of Lease Cleans checked by their supervisor.

These days with the price of rents, bonds are thousands of dollars! We need to make sure people get all of it back. We take our job seriously.

What If It Fails Inspection?

It is common to see cleaning companies offer a re-clean if you don’t pass the final inspection. And often they will offer to keep doing it until it does pass. However, as good as this sounds, they really need to get it done right the first time.

One little known consequence of the re-clean is the “annoyance factor” of the person who has to come back and do another inspection.

Their mood will dramatically deteriorate, and when you are relying on this single person to determine whether or not you get your bond back, it’s better to keep them happy.

Keeping Everyone Happy

The easiest way to keep everyone happy is to use a cleaning company who is the preferred company for the Real Estates in the area. Otherwise they will end up using them to do a re-clean anyway.

We are often called in to do re-cleans after ‘professional’ cleaners or tenants have botched the job.

And sadly, re-cleans cost a whole lot more due to the urgency and tight timelines. It can cost people thousands or their whole bond!

So What’s Included In Our
Sydney End Of Lease Cleaning Services?

We have completed over 10,000 bond cleans around Sydney in the past 30 years – and did we mention that we’ve never had to do a re-clean EVER?

Well we couldn’t have done this if we simply had a standard package.

We know that every home is different in shape, size and most importantly condition. So rather than offer a “standard package” and risk you having to pay for a re-clean or worse lose part of your bond money we offer a bespoke service.

A bespoke service where we complete the job based on your requirements – the kind of service where you can rest easy, knowing you’ll get your bond back and your rental will be left in tip top shape.

So if you’re looking for a end of lease cleaning solution that guarantees you’ll receive your bond back in full then give us a call today on 0425 206 447. Our professional cleaners will discuss your needs and we’ll provide a firm quote for you.

I received my bond back in
full. I cannot recommend
Gentle Giant highly enough

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