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Frequently Asked Questions

I Have Water Flooding My Entire Home. What Do I Need To Do Now?
That’s A Great Question. Hopefully, By Now, You Would Have Phoned Us, And We Would Be On Our Way To Your Property. For Example, The First Step After Contact Your Professional Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Company, You’ll Need To Ensure The Source Of The Flooding Has
(a) Been Identified / Located
(b) If It’s A Hot Water System That Is Leaking, You Will Need To Contact A Qualified Plumber Immediately.
It Is Vitally Important The Underlying Problem Is Located Without Delay To Prevent Further Damage To The Property. Once We Arrive At The Property Our Professional Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Technicians Will Conduct An Onsite Assessment. During This Preliminary Phase We Will Walk Through The Three Part Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Process.
When Should I Call?
Call NOW! The Longer Wet Carpet Is Left, Without Being Assessed, Treated, And Restored, Will Only Result In The Onset Of Mould, Mildew, And Other Harmful Contaminates
Are You On-Call 24/7, 365 Days A Year?
Yes, For Sure! Whether You’re Hot Water System Has Flooded Your Home, Or Your Entire Commercial Building Is Under Water at 3.30am, We Are Here To Help All Year Round. Anytime, Anywhere. We Are Just A Phone Call Away.
Are You Insured?
Yes, As A Professional Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Company, We Are Insured For $10M PLIC (Public Liability Insurance Cover). Certificate Of Currency (COC) Is Available Upon Request
Is Your Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Work Guaranteed?
Yes, absolutely! Back By Our Double Money Back Guarantee. If You’re Unhappy With Our Professional Flood Damage Restoration Services For Any Reasons Whatsoever, We Will Refund Your Money In Full, No Questions Asked, And Provide A Hundred Bucks Just For The Inconvenience.
Should I Turn The Heater On?
No, Heat Creates Moisture, Which results In The Onset Of Mould, And Actually Slows Down The Drying Process. Before Doing Anything, Call A Professional Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Company Immediately.
Will the carpet need to be replaced?
This Is A Very Common Question. The Short Answer Is, It Depends On A Number Of Factors. Where The Carpet Has Been Flooded Or Wet For An Extended Period Of Time, Water Damage Will Cause Delamination (The Backing Separates From The Fibers) Which Generally Requires Replacement. If The Carpet Was Flood Effected By Sewage, The Carpet Have To be Replaced Under AS/NZ Standards.
I Have Sewage Flowing Up Through The Bathroom, Which Has Flooded My Entire Apartment. Can I Restore The Carpet Now?
No Way, Absolutely Not! Under AS/NZS 3733:1995 Carpet That Is Exposed To Sewage Cannot Be Restored Under Any Circumstances Whatsoever.
Can't I Just Extract The Water And Everything Will Be Alright?
Absolutely Not! Extracting The Water Is The First Part Of A Three Phase Professional Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Process. Failing To Complete The Entire Three Phase A Professional Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Process, Will Result In The Onset Of Mould, And More Important, Cause Major Ongoing Damage To Your Property.
Are Any Chemicals Used that Are Toxic Or Harmful?
During The Three Phase Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Work, The Use Of The use of Anti-Microbials And/Or Biocides Are Mandatory To Prevent The Onset Of Mould, Mildew, And Other Contaminants. It Is Recommended Throughout The Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Work, Keep Yourself, Family, Children And Pets Away At All Times. We Only Use Non-Toxic & Non-Hazards Chemicals For Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Work.
How Long Should It Take To Dry?
After The Initial Shock Of Finding Your Property Flooded With Water, The Next Most Common Question Is: How Long Will It Take To Dry? Yet Again, That Also Depends On Numerous Factors. Some Of Which Are Inside Our Control, And Others Are Just Outside Our Control. Generally Speaking, And This All Depends On Whether The Driers Are Left On Continuously, The Carpets Should Take Anywhere From 2 Days Up To 6 Days For Extreme Flooding. Once A Professional Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Technicians Conducts An Onsite Assessment, We Can Then Advise On A Restoration Plan.
What Machines Are Used To Dry The Carpet?
Depending Upon The Extent Of The Flood Damage, The Number Of Drier And Dehumidifiers Will Be Allocated To The Job, Following An Onsite Assessment, By The Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Technician.
What Happens After The Carpet Is Dry?
An Onsite Post Flood Damage & Carpet Restoration Assessment Will Be Conducted By Our Qualified Technician. At This Stage, The Decision Will Be Made As To
(i) Whether The Carpet, Underlay, and Conrete Slab Is 100% Bone Dry
(ii) Relay The Underlay And Carpet
(iii) Deodorise and Sanitise The Carpet
(iv) Advise Whether The Carpet Requires Replacement.

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